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21 April 2015

We Are All Trying To Do Too Much!!

Posted by Jon Treanor



COMPLIMENTARY STRESS TEST - How to avoid and manage stress. 




As long as we can remember, human beings have suffered from stress. Our philosophy at Mindfulness Leadership is that it is better to cope with stress rather than try and manage the number of stressful situations we have each day or worse still ignoring it altogether. 


Many of us don't even know we are stressed or simply can't admit to it!


Today we define stress as being the culmination of all the things that influence us from the inside of our bodies and out, whether the situation is out of our control or not.


Stress comprises the entire regulation of the body. Importantly it is not just triggered by the outside world. Negative stressors, no matter where they come from, are all treated the same by the body. We therefore develop certain survival patterns known as 'fight or flight' reactions. These are naturally within us all of the time, so our body is constantly reacting (and releasing adrenaline) and then we become in need of regeneration ready for the next response. Once we survive one challenge the next one is ready to come along. The adrenaline pump never rests.


We therefore need time to regenerate and take time away from this constant exertion. Often we don't even know it's going on. As a consequence our systems become overburdened and slowly but surely steer us to tiredness, fatigue and eventually total exhaustion, also known as 'burnout'.


Game over? One day it will be. However our body is forcing us into recovery and regeneration. Only the fool would ignore the signposts and our internal and external reactions to this stress are the signs.


We can do something before it gets to that point, we, through Mindfulness Leadership, introduce practice and coaching or mentoring to help people understand what their body and mind is capable of. 


The effects of stress can be measured very easily. Our introduction to mindfulness includes a complimentary stress test that helps you find your own distinction between acute and chronic stress and helps us implement the correct mindfulness practice for you. 


We all have a stress burden, by introducing the appropriate stress management techniques for individuals they focus better, absenteeism reduces and team performance improves. 




TRY TO STAY POSITIVE, FOR EXAMPLE IF YOU ARE RUNNING LATE FOR A MEETING AND GET DELAYED IN TRAFFIC THINK, There is nothing I can do about this, so I'm not going to worry. I'm going to use the precious time to be peaceful and think about anything I want. Or put on your favourite singalong track and crank up the volume. You can't stay stressed for long when you are singing along to your favourite tune!


BREATHE! THIS IS CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT. If you feel yourself getting stressed do some mindful breathing, in and out through your nose. Just follow the cool air as it come into your nostrils and the warm air as it leaves your body. 



We all spend too much time and exert too much energy worrying about things that never happen. Mindfulness helps avoid this, by getting us into the moment we can relax our over active imagination. Worry will get you nowhere fast, in fact it's more likely to hold you back.



Learning to remain calm and present is a great gift you can give yourself. Choosing mindfulness means choosing to cope with pressure. It sounds simple because it is, mindful practice empowers us by right with the ability to make choices.



One of the best things you can do is to laugh more often. Laughter disperses adrenaline and takes the edge off the most stressful of situations. Laughter really can be your best medicine.



We are at our desks, in our cars or on our sofa's far too often, we get stressed with no real outlet for our frustration. Exercise gets adrenaline moving so any form of exercise is good for our mood and mindset. 


Stress is one of the single most influencers on our health. It affects everything from our mood to our habits. Learning to understand and cope with stress should be something you aim to introduce into your daily routine. 


Mindfulness Leadership offers an introduction to Mindfulness sessions and days. We also offer 8 session programmes, workshops and retreats. To find out more and to meet one of our team please contact.....

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